How important is education?  Answer N.1
The Universe certainly has a physical order. Does it also have a moral order?   Answer N.1
What is the meaning of life?  Answer    See Sadhguru's Explanation
What is the purpose of life?  Answer N.1


Emmanuel Kant's 5 levels:

1)Sensation.   Can our senses receive all the information that is present in the Universe? Answer 
                               Here is an example of sensual joy

3) Conception
4) Knowledge
5) Wisdom

Why is life as we know it only possible if the physical constants are what they are now? Answer 
Why are the formulae for gravitation (gravitation) and Energy (energy) so simple? Answer 1 
So does this mean that the Universe is fine-tuned for life? Answer 

      Definition of Fine-tuning

Should force always be met with force? No. Force against force leads to barbarism, whereas force met with wisdom leads to natural disarmament.

Is Kant's categorical imperative the ultimate definition of morality?

What gives an action its moral worth?

Are all human beings deserving of respect in and of themselves?

Is there such a thing as Kant's categorical imperative?
Is there a rational explanation for love, sympathy and compassion? Answer N.1
                                                                                                                          Answer N.2
                                                                                                                          Answer N.3

Is there a "moral molecule"?


Should freedom of speech be allowed for intolerant rhetoric?
Argument for YES:

Argument for NO:  

Why does America detest Communism so much? Shouldn't the principle of 'freedom' also include tolerance towards other ideologies?

Is it better for races to remain separate or should they mingle?


Is sharing better than separateness? Check out this discussion between the white separatist Richard Spencer and black news host Roland Martin:

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Does Evil Disprove God? (Philosophers call this "The Problem of Evil" ). No, nothing can completely disprove a hypothetical concept. However, evil adds to the evidence weighing against the existence of God.

Does God Know the Future? Certainly. Any God-like mind would know the future.

Do persons have souls? The soul is another hypothetical. So the answer is "we don't know".

Did Our Universe have a Beginning? What if Everything had Forever been Nothing? These questions cannot be answered, because concepts like "Beginning", "Infinity" and "Nothingness" lead to mathematical singularities that cannot be contemplate by our rational minds.

How Many Universes Exist? The jury is still out on this one.

Is There a Final Theory of Everything?Impossible. Nothing can stand outside everything.

Is homosequality fixed at birth, or is it acquired after birth?
     Chris Christie's Opinion    
     Link to comment on NJTV website
Watch Mathew Staver  (Founder of Liberty Counsel ) Video 01

Should countries be allowed to default on their debts?


Are the 9 nuclear states "terrorist" organizations? After all, they impose their will by flaunting nuclear devastation which is a terrorizing prospect (hear interview - 22 min).

Why is littering and polluting so pervasive on the planet?  Answer N.1