Memories are often triggered by a photograph, a letter or a recording. On this page is a collection of images that recall some family events.

The following video was probably taken by Mario Ferrari in Stone Harbor, New Jersey, where the Ferrari family was vacationing. Cicely and Robert were visiting (c. 1960)

In the video are Cicely, Robert, Isabella (in purple cardigan), Wanda, Pisana, Andrea & Michele, plus two other unidentified ladies.

This footage is from the church wedding of Joyce Myers and Brian Harpur in Datchet, England, circa 1947.


The following video is an aggregation of eight separate Super-8 reels shot by Martin with a hand held camera.

The quality of some of the videos is very faded (probably due to age or incorrect developing).
If you wait a few minutes for the file to download, you will be able to jump ahead in the video.

Index of events:

01.0) Beach scenes at Sperlonga (Roberto, Cariddi) [poor quality];

02.0) Scenes from the New School [poor quality];

03.7) View from Via Dehon window

04.8) Villa Doria Pamphili (Rome),

07.0) More Villa Doria Pamphili,

10.2) A vacation on the Island of Elba (Steve, Marco, Francesco, Martin, etc.);

11.2) Images of the dog Slam;

13.5) More vacation in Elba (Roberto, Marco, Francesco, Martin)

16.2) Capranica (Robert, Martin, Cicely, Claudia)

18.9) More Villa Pamphili

19.5) Pigeons outside Via Dehon window;

19.8) Road trip


When I have some time, I will add tabs so that the different topics can be reached with a click of the title.

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