Barack Obama's Achievements during his 8 years as President of the United States

Obama summarizes his achievement in his last press conference on December 16, 2016:

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Details of achievements:

1) He saved the US from the 2008 banking meltdown

2) He saved the motor industry (GM and Chrysler)

3) He assured health care for all americans

4) He grew the economy (better wages, less poverty, more productivity)

5) He ended the war in Iraq

6) He cut taxes for small businesses

7) He worked with Russia to reduce nuclear weapons

8) By 2014, he has not yet pushed for GMO labeling

9) He instituted consumer protection legislation

10) He was a strong advocate for environmental protection, including CO2 emission reductions

11) He was an advocate for campaign finance disclosure

12) He brokered a nuclear deal with Iran

13) He is compassionate. See how (below)

14) He proposed a more extensive retirement plan for Americans

15) He struck a deal with Iran that will reduce the need for Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

16) He normalized relations with Cuba

17) He put a liberal judge on the Supreme Court, leading to the legalization of gay marriage.

18) He worked on the improvement of prison conditions, including banning solitary confinement for jouveniles.

19) Under the Antiquities Act, President Obama has already designated more national monuments than any other president in U.S. history

20) He killed Bin Laden

More coming...