Donald Trump's track record:


Will Trump protect legitimate minorities, like hispanics, asians, blacks and LGBTs?

Will Trump protect Medicaid? See plan

Will he defend same-sex marriage and assisted abortion? Or will he roll back gay civil marriage rights and abortion rights?

Will Trump protect the Environment? Will he roll back the Clean Power Plan?
Will Trump stand up for democracy and human rights?

Will Trump oppose Russia's annexation of Crimea? Or China's claims to Taiwan?

Will Trump start a trade war with Mexico, as retaliation for wall? See boycotts.

Will Trump be like Silvio Berlusconi? See Quora

Will Trump gut the Public Education system?

What is Trump's vision for the world? Odiously un-caring about the plight of non-Americans

Policy Difficulties:
  • Trump wants to put the miners back to work. But with fracking gas prices so low, it is not a viable proposition.
  • Trump wants to bring Apple back to the US. But there are not enough America industrial engineers to do the 110,000 assembly jobs that are currently in China.
  • Trump wants to deport illegal immigrants. But some mayors (like De Blasio) may refuse to hand over the Temporary Worker IDs. Furthermore, he wants to reduce LEGAL immigration by 50%. This will lead to contraction of work force (only low paid Mexicans will do certain construction, production line and agricultural jobs) and hence reduced tax revenues and thus jeopardized pensions for baby boomers.
  • Trump's isolationist policies (less push-back on China's expansionism; laisser-faire vis-a-vis Russia; little interest and involvement in Middle East) could lead to contraction of Asian and Middle Eastern markets which will reduce clients for US products, including steel, cars, trucks and domestic items.
  • Reducing regulations on manufacturing and pollution will boost production, but worsen quality of life through environmental degradation.
  • What will Trump do specifically for 43.1 M Americans below the poverty line? In Beattyville (KY) where minimum wage is $11, people borrow from Peter to pay Paul, rely on $100/week of food stamps, and Lion Apparel is now closed, with massive layoffs. 80% of people there thing that Trump's bluntness is refreshing...but will it produce jobs?


Timeline of Desctruction
  • Jan 27, 2017 - Trump's executive order closes border to green card holders, citizens and refugees from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Yemeni and Iraqi muslim businesses (like restaurants) in Dearborn (MI) are suffering because of the stigma now attached to them. Trump just turned the US into a callous, isolationist, "America first" country. He has also alienated more American and non-American muslims. His goal? Cast a wide net against terrorism. However, the travel ban appears to be illegal as well as un-Constitutional. It is also immoral, because many of the refugees were caused by the Iraq war started by the US, and now we refuse refugees protection!
  • Rescinded restrictions on coal mining waste being dumped into streams, and the reduce the monitoring of streams.
  • Started questioning US adherence to Nato
  • January 28 , 2017: First military operation under Trump kills at leat 15 women and children.
  • Feb 4, 2017: Undermines the US by saying that US, like Russia, has killers.
  • Unnecessary spending on wall: $12 billion
  • Will defund NEA and NEH.
  • Will dismantle consumer financial protection bureau.
  • Will weaken gun regulations, allowing the mentally ill to purchase guns
  • Will facilitate a dodgy merger between agribusiness giants Monsanto and Bayer. It'll be disastrous for us and our planet.


Trump's track record:

As an business man, Trump does not have a reassuring track record in terms of ethics:

1) Trump does not respect agreements.

2) Trump is a cheat and a con artist

3) Trump denies or ignores scientific evidence

4) He doesn't understand the meaning of the word 'sacrifice'

5) Trump panders to public opinion

6) He engages in illegal activity

7) He opposes common core

8) His idea for a wall on the Mexican border is plain stupid

9) He has 4th grade grammar and sentence structure.

10) Trump's temperament is not suited to the Presidency

11) Trump and his acolytes are pretentious.

12) Trump's plan to ban all Muslims from entering the US is counterproductive

13) Trump's opposes planned parenthood (Roe v. Wade)

14) Trump is a supremacist

15) Trump is an opportunist

More coming...